Virtual Writing and ELA Tutoring 

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Benefit of Online Tutoring


Choose a time and day that works best for you and your family. Don’t worry about having to travel during snow and other weather. 


Online tutoring can be done from anywhere around the world in the comfort of a student’s home!


Today’s students are most comfortable in front of a computer and when dealing with technology. 


Tutoring online affords your child’s tutor an opportunity to pull from an unlimited resource–the internet, and integrate various materials immediately into each lesson!

Timely Feedback

Stay on top of your child’s progress! Receive feedback of your child’s progress within 24 hours of the session ending. 

New Experience

Online tutoring doesn’t feel like school! This new learning experience can help children relax while learning.

How it works

30 to 60 Minute Sessions

The 30 minute sessions are perfect for younger students or any student who has difficulty staying focused for long periods of time. 


Integrated Whiteboard Technology

Through the use of BitPaper, your child’s online learning will feel like they are taking classes in person. BitPaper will allow your child and the tutor to interact and draw on the screen.

Tailored Instructions

Sarah will provide tutoring based on your child’s needs. Feel free to let her know ahead of each session what you would like to focus on or leave it to her to guide the session. 

Interactive Lessons

Rest assured that your child’s online tutoring will not a passive experience. With an online whiteboard–BitPaper and the ability to upload/share and write on documents, your child will be fully engaged in each session!


Customized Homework

To help your child’s progression, I will assign homework as needed. This homework will be tailored to help them work on trouble area. 


Personalized Feedback

You will receive feedback about your child’s tutoring session within 24 hours of the session’s finish time. Feedback will include topics covered, your child’s progress and trouble areas and any suggested  homework.


How does online tutoring work?

Online tutoring is accomplished through the use of Zoom for audio and video capabilites and BitPaper for an online whiteboard experience. This set up allows Sarah to connect with the student face-to-face as well as allow the student to interact and make on-screen corrections.

How many sessions do I need?

This is dependent on the student. Knowing if you need to add more tutoring sessions is as simple as viewing the feedback that will be provided after every session your child takes. Monitor their progress with the provided feedback and make an informed decision.

Does online tutoring work for younger students?

Yes! Sarah has worked online with children as young as 4. The 30 minute sessions are the perfect length to help keep a young child’s attention. 

What is needed to have an online tutoring session?

Student’s should have a reliable computer with video and audio capabilities and a stable internet connection. Headphones are highly recommended to help eliminate excess noise in the classroom environment. 

A Zoom and BitPaper link will be provided upon booking. 

Can my child receive help with homework?

Of course! But you must scan or take a picture of the homework and e-mail it to Sarah at least an hour prior to class. This will allow her enough time to pull sufficient resources to assist your child.

How much does online tutoring cost?

Tutoring costs $25 for a 30 minute session and $40 for an hour session.

When is payment due?

All payment will be due before you can book a time on Sarah’s calendar.

Are discounts offered?

Sarah can tutor two students for total of $75/hour or 37.50 per student. You must find your own friend and the two students must be tutored in the same subject. 

If you are interested in having two students tutored, please contact Sarah.

What is the cancellation policy?

Sessions cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours before the start time will receive a full refund of money. 

However, for any session cancelled within 24 hours, the session fee will be forfeited. Considerations will be made on a case-by-case basis. 

None of the available times work for me! What do I do?

Contact Sarah with all of your availability. She will get back with you promptly to let you know if she can work with one of your available times.

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