New Workshop

Starting April 1st

Escape rooms are all the rage. Searching for clues and solving puzzles to escape from rooms that are carefully crafted to immerse the player into the story. 

As the creator of their own escape room story, your student holds all of the power–choosing the setting, characters, clues and outcome.

In this workshop, your student will learn how to:

brainstorm for ideas using techniques and group games,


write and incorporate dialogue,

organize and plan their story using plot structure and story mapping,

utilize flashbacks to learn more about a character,

develop believable and complex characters,


edit and revise their writing,

write realistic descriptions,

and give and receive constructive criticism.


How does it work?



This is a 6 week-long workshop that meets once, weekly. Each class is 50-minutes.


Class Dynamic

For ages: 11-16

Maximum class size: 15 students.



Each class will be held via Google Hangout. A link will be emailed weekly.


Weekly Writing Assignments

Students will be required to start and/or complete writing prompt assignments, exercises and their escape room short story outside of class.


Supplies Needed:

Internet connection, camera/audio capable device, paper, pencil, willingness to be creative!


Frequently Asked

How does an online class work?

Class is held via group video chat using Google Hangout. The video and audio capabilities will allow us to discuss writing as well as allow students to share and critique their peers’ writing. Communication will be done through the use of the email the parent provided when they register for the workshop. This communication will include links to weekly classes, writing prompts, supplemental materials and feedback.

What is the refund policy?

Costs are fully refunded up to 24 hours after purchase and up to a week in advance of the class. Meaning, if you need to cancel 6 days before the class begins, I will unfortunately not be able to refund your purchase. However, you will instead be given the opportunity to transfer your purchase to a course at a later date. 

Do you provide discounts for multiple children?

Contact me to discuss a sibling discount.